May. 16th, 2009

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The intro to Dreamwidth states that it will be a home for creative types, dreamers, to create and share. Clearly the software used is Livejournal's open source code. But what will make Dreamwidth different from Livejournal content-wise, and participant-wise? Given how humans generally seem to behave on social sites like this, is it possible for this to become anything other than an LJ knockoff?

What steps do you think they could take to drive the mission and turn this into a somehow different experience?

These are all just rhetorical questions, of course, since you're the only one looking, used_songs. :) I've been poking around on here a bit but haven't figured out the why of it yet.

Perhaps I'll just use it as a chance to exhibit a different side of myself, with different friends and communities and interests. Or perhaps as a boring, just-for-myself log of daily activities such as calorie counts or miles walked. Dream journal? No, that has to happen on paper near the bed, unfortunately.

Or maybe it too will just drift into the hazy past, like InsaneJournal, which I never looked at a second time.

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